Emmanual Legrand featured the IAO Industry Update at Midem on his well-regarded blog, ‘Legrand Network’. The full article can be read here
Legrand a Washington, DC-based freelance journalist, blogger and media consultant, specialising in the entertainment business and cultural trends. He is currently the US editor for British music industry trade publication Music Week reported as follows:
"Featured artists get organised and make their voices heard

The International Artist Organisation (IAO), a coalition of performing artists’ bodies from around Europe, disclosed at Midem that they have invited the three major companies to work on a code of practice following the disclosure of the contract between Spotify and Sony Music. Speaking in Cannes, IAO chair and CEO of the Featured Artist Coalition in the UK Paul Pacifico said that the issue of breakage — ie. the unallocated income from advances or royalty payments – raised a lot of questions. "We invited Universal as market leader to work on a code of practice," he said. "We are waiting for their response and we hope to work with them soon." The invitation will also be extended to Warner and Sony. This initiative, according to Pacifico, shows that the IAO "is not just a nice talking shop to talk about how to make the world better, but an organisation actively engaged in campaigns to make a difference for all the performers." The IAO wants to get its voice heard in the current European debate on copyright and overall, wants to foster a better music eco-system. "Our intention is not to destroy the industry and create some sort of rebellion but to improve the industry," said Pacifico. Pacifico added that IAO supported IFPI’s position on safe habours or WIN’s declaration on transparency. "This sets benchmarks for accountability and transparency. We as an industry have plenty of internal issues but there are plenty of external issues that we can work together on." Obviously, the message was heard. The IAO gathering at Midem was attended by a number of high level executives such as IFPI CEO Frances Moore, RIAA chairman/CEO Cary Sherman, and Impala Executive chair Helen Smith. "
Le Grand went on to attribute to Sandie Shaw, Artist and Co-Chair of the UK’s FAC, one of his favourite quotes from this year’s conference:
"The music industry has an ego-system and we need an eco-system."