The IAO attended Reeperbahn in force this year with President Paul Pacifico particpating in panels on EU copyright reform as well as getting a fair deal for artists in an intense discussion which was covered by Billboard Magazine – here.
FAC Director, Roxanne de Bastion gave a conference Keynote entitled ‘Female is not a Genre’ bringing important focus to the various gender issues still present in the music industry and highlighting why reform and education are desperately needed.
Following their board meeting on 23rd September, the IAO presented their key campaigns and current focus to an audience which included artists, Major Label representatives and journalists.
The IAO is actively engaged in the European Copyright reform process and is calling for artists’ rights not to be left behind in the transition from the analogue past to our digital future.
We would like to see:
Transparency for artists through the music value chain so we can see what we are dueAn enhanced duty of care from labels to artists so we know our interests are protectedThe right to a fair share of the total value from the online exploitation of our musicThe proper transfer of remuneration rights from radio to streaming