Over 50 music artists from across Europe have come together to sign a letter in support of the International Artist Organistion’s campaign for Artists In Europe.
Ranging from Annie Lennox and Robbie Williams in the UK to Axel Bauer from France, Luz Casal from Spain, Julia Neigel from Germany and Elvis Stanic from Croatia, the letter calls on the European Commission to make sure that the ability of creators to benefit equitably from the value their work generates remains at the heart of the strategy for the European Digital Single Market.
The letter challeneges the view that artists are somehow resistent to technology and champions the tremendous opportunity ahead that a digital future could offer. However it also cautions that a healthy digital future requires a well-balanced legislative framework that provides for a well-functioning market with rights to transparency, a duty of care, a commitment to a share of value and remuneration that is equitable flowing right through the value chain to the Creators on whose work the creative economy is built.
For the full text of the letter and list of signatories, please see below: