IAO, International Artist Organisation, is the umbrella association for national organisations representing the rights and interests of Featured Artists in the Music Industry. IAO was established to represent featured artists and lobby both for fair and balanced rights, and also for a fair share of all value stemming from the artists’ works. We are the only truly legitimate international voice for artists, and we believe passionately in the value of music, both culturally and financially.

Whilst artists are by definition at the very heart of the music industry, their works are in many cases controlled by third parties. The artists often receive little or nothing of revenues created through the value chain. Moreover, in some areas of the exploitation of their works, the artists have little or no influence.

Artists wanting to understand the value of their works face a wall of non-disclosure agreements, and incomprehensible revenue statements. To make matters worse, a lot of value created will never show in reports because deals have been designed to divert revenues to the corporations, without legal obligation to share the benefits with the artists on whose catalogues that value has been created.

 We have especially identified the following issues of concern(in no particular order):

1. Fair remuneration throughout the value chain

We need fair pay for all use of artist’s material, regardless of context.

2. End the value gaps

We need to address the value gaps,

which occur for example when big

platforms claim that responsibility for

uploaded material lies with the user, or

when producers negotiate favourable

deals at the expense of artist’s royalties.

3. Fair distribution models

We want a system where money is

distributed per song users choose.

4. Efficient, correct, comprehensive

and modernised accounting

Immediate, understandable, transparent

reporting of usage and pay. No double

dipping for doing the same job, for

example a manager should not double

charge for doing agent work or label

management, and to make things easy

to follow we want automatized, tagged

payment systems.

5. Full transparency throughout

the value chain without unreasonable

terms of non-disclosure

Artists need access to, and correct

information about, how their material

is used, accounted and payed for in all

steps from the source to the artist.

6. Accurate registration of credits

and global database

Artists should be credited for their

work every time it’s used, and we want

to see a global and transparent data

base for this.

7. A Duty of Care from artists’

intermediaries through

the value chain

All intermediaries need to secure artists

rights and fair pay, and to guarantee

no one- sided agreements which means

for example a record company entering

into a licensing deal with terms that will

benefit them, but be in disadvantage

to artist.

8. A balanced and vibrant

live market

To ensure a healthy live market we

want to see a general practice of fair

commission rates between artists,

agents, venues and promotors and on

sale of merchandise. We suggest that

ending of tour taxation and skipping

age restrictions will support cultural

diversity and promote music.