IAO alongside 12 other organisations call for EU legislators to address the AI challenges

May 11, 2024

13 organisations representing hundreds of thousands creative workers urge EU decision makers to engage in a comprehensive and democratic debate leading to a clear legal framework preserving the rights and the integrity of the works of creators.

We welcome the introduction in the EU AI Act of specific rules for providers of general purpose AI models and notably the requirement for them to comply with EU copyright law and publish sufficiently detailed information about the data used. We also strongly support the strengthening of transparency obligations around deep fakes and stress the importance of developing technical tools that may reliably and accurately differentiate authentic content from AI-generated, or manipulated, content.

The AI Act still needs to be implemented in an effective way in order to preserve fundamental rights, safeguard transparency, and enable authors and performers to exercise their rights.

However, even with a proper implementation of the AI Act, it will only serve as a temporary fix for a much larger problem unless legal ambiguities are addressed and transparency, informed consent and remuneration are firmly enshrined in the existing legal framework.

EU policy makers must design an ambitious strategy for a truly human-centric generative AI that ensures that creators can exercise informed consent, be fairly remunerated for the use of their works through generative AI and receive financial compensation for all the current and future AI-produced contents that their creative work has contributed to generate.

Read the full statement here.