MIDEM 24 How can artists be fairly compensated?

Jan 17, 2024

How can artists be fairly compensated?

This is the main question for a panel at this year’s MIDEM. Tore Engström Østby will on behalf of IAO discuss the matters with a representative from the EU parliament and leaders from Spotify, Deezer, A2IM. The panel will discuss existing market mechanisms and how to contribute to creating mechanisms and models to better accommodate music creators.

The panel, titled THE CREATOR & THE INDUSTRY: SHARING THE CREATED VALUE, will explore how money is generated and distributed in the digital reality we live in. Tore, who is both a Senior Adviser at GramArt and Vice President of IAO, as well as a current artist, looks forward to the opportunity to advance a discussion that is close to his heart:

“ Everything we can do that leads to music creators being fairly paid will not only benefit artists and creators, but also the whole music industry.”