Mary Honeyball Speaks in Support

UK Labour MEP Mary Honeyball made a speech at the Artists in Europe event last week in Brussels at the European Parliament in support of the IAO call for better remuneration for artists in the music industry.The IAO event forms part of its support for the broader Fair...


Brussels - 13 May 2015, 6pm. MEPs and artists came together today to call for transparency and fairness in culture and commerce!Singers, pianists, saxophonists, bass players and guitarists from Spain, Germany, France, UK and other member states shared the stage with...

IAO Speech in the European Parliament

IAO President Paul Pacifico addressed parliamentarians in Brussels today as part of the IAO's 'Artists In Europe' event, highlighting the position of Artists in the current music industry ecosystem:"My name is Paul Pacifico I am a Harmonica player from London and...

‘Artists in Europe’ launch with MEP Mary Honeyball

London Labour MEP, Mary Honeyball will be launching the IAO 'Artists In Europe' campaign in Brussels on Wednesday 13th May.The campaign calls for a guarantee of fair remuneration for creators from the commercial exploitation of their work online.The IAO has received...

IAO Speech for The Fair Internet Campaign

IAO President, Paul Pacifico, spoke to an audience of MEPs, members of the Press, CMOs and Performers at the Museum of Musical Instruments this evening, alongside representatives from the Fair Internet Coalition partners, Aepo-Artis, FIM and Euro FIA."Good...

Nacho G Vega Fair Internet Video

IAO Treasurer and founding member of Spanish band Nacha Pop, Nacho Garcia Vega has submitted a video in support of the 'Fair Internet Campaign' for performers in Europe.

IAO Gear Up for ‘Artists in Europe’

The IAO is in the final stages of preparing its 'Artists in Europe' campaign which calls for featured artists to have a greater voice in European decision making.'Artists in Europe' will launch with an event in the European Parliament in Brussels on 13th May 2015.

IAO Joins ‘Fair Internet Coalition’

The IAO has formally joined a lobbying coalition to campaign for change in Europe that would see ALL performers remunerated for the commercial exploitation of their works online for the first time.The IAO joins partners FIM, AEPO-Artis and Euro-FIA in estabishing an...

IAO Supports US Artists on Radio Play

The IAO has expressed support for the 'Music First' initiative in the United States to get performers paid for radio play. The use of music to drive commercial radio businesses in the US has historically been regarded as 'promotion' for artists and not commercial...

IAO Meets at By:Larm in Oslo

The IAO board meeting took place last week in Oslo during the By:Larm conference and festival. The IAO would like to thank the organisers of By:Larm for their warm welcome and generous hospitality which enabled Gramart, the Norwegian artist organisation to host the...

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